Tactacam Remote

SRP £64.95

Hands-Free Control

The Tactacam Remote will allow users to gain control over their cameras without needing to press the button on the device, ideal for instances where a hands-off approach is required.


The Tactacam Remote Control is compatible with 6.0, 5.0, Solo Xtreme, or Fish-I models and offers hands-free control of digital functions such as Power ON/OFF, Auto Record, and Pause.

When the remote control is not in use, or the camera is not recording, both will conserve battery life by activating auto-power off. Both device and remote will power back on quickly with a simple press of the remote control’s button. Optimised at 100ft, the Tactacam remote control will provide excellent range in instances where a hands-free approach is required.

Note: Tactacam remote is only compatible with Tactacam 6.0, 5.0, Solo Xtreme, and Fish-i cameras.


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