Immersive Optics 5×24

SRP £266.95


High Accuracy Shooting

The Immersive Optics 5×24 prismatic riflescope is perfect for use with rifles or air rifles with little to no recoil, and will offer high accuracy shooting in an extremely compact format.


Its prism-based optical system means the size of this riflescope is greatly reduced in comparison to standard day scopes — eliminating the large objective lens, large housing, and long eye relief without sacrificing any of the scope’s light gathering performance and leaving the magnification and field of view unaffected.

This prismatic design means the 5×24 scope will deliver high optical output whilst retaining a minimal footprint and offering better weight distribution between the scope and the rifle upon which it is mounted — achieving a much more comfortable shooting experience that allows for extended periods of aiming down the riflescope without experiencing any fatigue.

Compared to traditional riflescopes, the Immersive Optics 5×24 prismatic scope will present a field of view that is 2x wider, with the ability to focus down to 6m for unprecedented precision, even in close quarters.

Depending on the model chosen, the 5×24 offers either a Mildot or Mildot Rapid glass-etched, illuminated reticle, high precision windage and elevation controls (with no parallax). Mounts easily on the MOA adjustable mount provided.

Fitted with Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass, this riflescope will maintain natural colour reproduction within the field of view, with minimal colour aberration (colour fringing), and resulting in high clarity, crystal clear results — even at extreme distances.

All Immersive Optics riflescopes are CNC machined to guarantee zero-errors, feature nitrogen-filled optical channels for anti-fogging, and are water sealed for protection against moisture. An innovative lens cap retention system allows the user to clip the lens cap securely to the side of the riflescope, doing away with any distractions whilst shooting.


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